Books: The Magic of Melina

Stage Two | Our Adventures Apart

So, it’s fitting that my induction into ‘Stage Two’ begins with a book rant, but don’t worry, it’s all positive.

It’s about this magician called Melina Marchetta, whose thoughts are transcribed seamlessly into words, paragraphs, and stories, and how lucky for all of us, that her words are published into these wonderful, public semblances: books.

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Fashion Festivity: A Palo Alto Reunion

SO. I haven’t been able to publish a fashion post yet because honestly I haven’t been out anywhere that required dressing up somewhat but I DID ON SUNDAY. and I’m so excited to post this, my first fashion post!

So first, I basically reunited with my chemistry group, three of my really close friends in tenth grade with whom I haven’t been able to hang out with much over the past two years. So anyway, I was really excited about this, and we basically went to Palo Alto University avenue and ate Cream (which is like ice cream in a hot cookie and it’s so amazing, like rite of passage, and no, it’s not just an ice cream sandwich, that’s an understatement.) and Mediterranean food and drank antique soda at RocketFizz and basically went into every store that looked interesting. So anyway, to get to the clothes:

Wearing a black circle skirt from Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite skirts because it is so comfortable and flowy and works with almost anything. So to coordinate, I needed a relatively tight-fitting top unless I wanted to tuck a looser top and I didn’t feel like that, so I’m wearing this blue top patterned with pink black and turquoise lines, long in the back and shorter in the front, also coincidentally from Charlotte Russe.dak df asd

I’m Also wearing a blue teardrop necklace that My mom got me last christmastime (I don’t really celebrate it, but I do the present part informally) and three bracelets from this set of five nude-colored beaded bracelets.

Also wearing my classic day wear shoes from DSW. It’s the part of fashion that I never got hooked onto, but I’m not really into shoes, so I only variate for special occasions. Otherwise, finding me in the same pair of whatever is most comfortable everyday is no surprise!

I’ll work on the photoshoot/getting-better-pictures thing for the ootds (outfit of the day) but for now, looks like I actually have more activities planned that get me out of the house (good and bad because I’m an outgoing hermit)!






Mediterranean food from restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but tastes amazingg!


RocketFizz antique Ginger Ale and nitrogen ice cream!

My Diary of The Vampire Diaries

(Sorry about the title, I like to think I’m punny sometimes)

So turns out I never actually watched the Last Song movie because I spent the last four days obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (aka TVD) courtesy of one of my fandom/tv-obsessed best friends, Sophia. So basically I finished two seasons and 4 episodes in the last four days, which is quite horrible and I’m surprised I’m not blind, but this show just gives me so many feels!

Like I basically watch this for Damon, because apart from being super hot (like eyes and hair adlkfas; <3), he is also a tortured, under appreciated, unrequitedly-loved, sassy, and funny lowlife with few redeeming qualities. Yet this truly attracts me to him, and apart from being the most interesting character on the show, I feel that he deserves the best. Like SO much better than Elena. It actually kills me how the lead female role is always such a wuss. Like “man up, woman”, you know?

Anyway, I’m not usually one for fantasy and ESPECIALLY not vampire fiction because the whole concept is kind of revolting, not so much “sexy”. And all the needless death and then turning those deaths into trivial incidents, it all really pisses me off. But, really, I can’t get enough of this show.

Show to appease my thirst for Delena (figurative!!), I basically spent last night reading the scenes and quotes highlighted in five seasons that capture the quintessence of Delena. And yes, as Sophia puts its, SPOILERS OH NO WHY, but I’m telling myself I’ll stop at season 4 and anyway, the show does turn shitty.

So I’ve basically been text-ranting to Sophia throughout my sped-up TVD journey about all my emotion and tears and feels watching this show, because despite it all, it’s so goddamn addicting. Every episode has 35 minutes of bullshit and killing and needless drama and unexciting characters, and then there’s those 5 minutes of redeeming screenplay and cuteness that keeps me hooked because I vicariously feel butterflies.

I’ll go on to a character breakdown as I keep watching, but for now, Ciao, because I really need to get back to this show!!!

-Delena xoxoxo ❤

P.S. Please trust me, I’m not usually this much of a girl, especially not a fangirl, but this show akldfjal;kfas

Books or Movies?

It’s literally one of the most recurring and difficult decisions this summer  – which says a lot about how much nothing I’ve been doing.

When it comes down to it, it’s really based on if I have a good idea for a movie to watch or rewatch and if I started a book the previous night that is addicting enough to finish in the day or to simply continue the next night.

Anyway, it seems that books have won today, so I ended up finishing The Last Song again, and it is literally one of the favorite books to reread because it’s so different from the usual Nicholas Sparks sappy crap. It has so much more depth, and such real characters. Sure, Will is the typical ‘perfect boy’ which annoys me since he is just too perfect, too much of what every girl wants, but Ronnie is one of the most ‘real’ protagonists I have ever read. Her actions and thoughts are so unique yet relatable, and despite the fact that she has “gone over to the dark side” it is obvious that she is redeemable, and her withdrawal from those habits is so seamless.

This book is not simply a summer romance, but a love story between father and daughter. Reflecting on my own relationship, I can understand the distance and admire the gap being bridged and the protectiveness/taking sides, etc. The writing from both perspectives is, far from obtrusive, actually insightful, unlike in MANY other books I’ve read (Rick Riordan and Veronica Roth, I’m glaring).

And being one of the first cancer books I’ve read a couple years ago, this one touched me the most. The last hundred pages or so never fail to bring me to tears of sadness because Sparks explains the grief in such detail and with such prowess that it feels so raw and affected.

I just love this book, the turtles, the beach, the romance, the music and piano, the cancer, the little brother. It’s such an all-around story, a book that builds people, sows relationships, and breaks habits.

Looks like the ‘movies’ is going to win tomorrow, though, since The Last Song is on my play queue. Even if the movie is not even close to the book’s depth and Miley Cyrus’ playing the role basically skewers it with commercial appeal, her acting is remarkably talent-revealing in this movie, and my tears aren’t lost in the translation from paper to film. Cheers to my tomorrow!