Fashion Festivity: A Palo Alto Reunion

SO. I haven’t been able to publish a fashion post yet because honestly I haven’t been out anywhere that required dressing up somewhat but I DID ON SUNDAY. and I’m so excited to post this, my first fashion post!

So first, I basically reunited with my chemistry group, three of my really close friends in tenth grade with whom I haven’t been able to hang out with much over the past two years. So anyway, I was really excited about this, and we basically went to Palo Alto University avenue and ate Cream (which is like ice cream in a hot cookie and it’s so amazing, like rite of passage, and no, it’s not just an ice cream sandwich, that’s an understatement.) and Mediterranean food and drank antique soda at RocketFizz and basically went into every store that looked interesting. So anyway, to get to the clothes:

Wearing a black circle skirt from Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite skirts because it is so comfortable and flowy and works with almost anything. So to coordinate, I needed a relatively tight-fitting top unless I wanted to tuck a looser top and I didn’t feel like that, so I’m wearing this blue top patterned with pink black and turquoise lines, long in the back and shorter in the front, also coincidentally from Charlotte Russe.dak df asd

I’m Also wearing a blue teardrop necklace that My mom got me last christmastime (I don’t really celebrate it, but I do the present part informally) and three bracelets from this set of five nude-colored beaded bracelets.

Also wearing my classic day wear shoes from DSW. It’s the part of fashion that I never got hooked onto, but I’m not really into shoes, so I only variate for special occasions. Otherwise, finding me in the same pair of whatever is most comfortable everyday is no surprise!

I’ll work on the photoshoot/getting-better-pictures thing for the ootds (outfit of the day) but for now, looks like I actually have more activities planned that get me out of the house (good and bad because I’m an outgoing hermit)!






Mediterranean food from restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but tastes amazingg!


RocketFizz antique Ginger Ale and nitrogen ice cream!