My Diary of The Vampire Diaries

(Sorry about the title, I like to think I’m punny sometimes)

So turns out I never actually watched the Last Song movie because I spent the last four days obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (aka TVD) courtesy of one of my fandom/tv-obsessed best friends, Sophia. So basically I finished two seasons and 4 episodes in the last four days, which is quite horrible and I’m surprised I’m not blind, but this show just gives me so many feels!

Like I basically watch this for Damon, because apart from being super hot (like eyes and hair adlkfas; <3), he is also a tortured, under appreciated, unrequitedly-loved, sassy, and funny lowlife with few redeeming qualities. Yet this truly attracts me to him, and apart from being the most interesting character on the show, I feel that he deserves the best. Like SO much better than Elena. It actually kills me how the lead female role is always such a wuss. Like “man up, woman”, you know?

Anyway, I’m not usually one for fantasy and ESPECIALLY not vampire fiction because the whole concept is kind of revolting, not so much “sexy”. And all the needless death and then turning those deaths into trivial incidents, it all really pisses me off. But, really, I can’t get enough of this show.

Show to appease my thirst for Delena (figurative!!), I basically spent last night reading the scenes and quotes highlighted in five seasons that capture the quintessence of Delena. And yes, as Sophia puts its, SPOILERS OH NO WHY, but I’m telling myself I’ll stop at season 4 and anyway, the show does turn shitty.

So I’ve basically been text-ranting to Sophia throughout my sped-up TVD journey about all my emotion and tears and feels watching this show, because despite it all, it’s so goddamn addicting. Every episode has 35 minutes of bullshit and killing and needless drama and unexciting characters, and then there’s those 5 minutes of redeeming screenplay and cuteness that keeps me hooked because I vicariously feel butterflies.

I’ll go on to a character breakdown as I keep watching, but for now, Ciao, because I really need to get back to this show!!!

-Delena xoxoxo ❤

P.S. Please trust me, I’m not usually this much of a girl, especially not a fangirl, but this show akldfjal;kfas