Books or Movies?

It’s literally one of the most recurring and difficult decisions this summer  – which says a lot about how much nothing I’ve been doing.

When it comes down to it, it’s really based on if I have a good idea for a movie to watch or rewatch and if I started a book the previous night that is addicting enough to finish in the day or to simply continue the next night.

Anyway, it seems that books have won today, so I ended up finishing The Last Song again, and it is literally one of the favorite books to reread because it’s so different from the usual Nicholas Sparks sappy crap. It has so much more depth, and such real characters. Sure, Will is the typical ‘perfect boy’ which annoys me since he is just too perfect, too much of what every girl wants, but Ronnie is one of the most ‘real’ protagonists I have ever read. Her actions and thoughts are so unique yet relatable, and despite the fact that she has “gone over to the dark side” it is obvious that she is redeemable, and her withdrawal from those habits is so seamless.

This book is not simply a summer romance, but a love story between father and daughter. Reflecting on my own relationship, I can understand the distance and admire the gap being bridged and the protectiveness/taking sides, etc. The writing from both perspectives is, far from obtrusive, actually insightful, unlike in MANY other books I’ve read (Rick Riordan and Veronica Roth, I’m glaring).

And being one of the first cancer books I’ve read a couple years ago, this one touched me the most. The last hundred pages or so never fail to bring me to tears of sadness because Sparks explains the grief in such detail and with such prowess that it feels so raw and affected.

I just love this book, the turtles, the beach, the romance, the music and piano, the cancer, the little brother. It’s such an all-around story, a book that builds people, sows relationships, and breaks habits.

Looks like the ‘movies’ is going to win tomorrow, though, since The Last Song is on my play queue. Even if the movie is not even close to the book’s depth and Miley Cyrus’ playing the role basically skewers it with commercial appeal, her acting is remarkably talent-revealing in this movie, and my tears aren’t lost in the translation from paper to film. Cheers to my tomorrow!



It’s a quiet Saturday at home, and no, quiet is not another word for boring in this case. I’m sitting at home listening to music and re-reading a favorite book, and I just have to tell you how quintessentially ideal this is.


  • floral print, laced-back navy blue top
  • my absolute favorite: high-rise tights
  • A watch – I’m not entirely sure why, but it was lying on my bedside bookshelf and I just pulled it on
  • Silver hoop earrings from XXI, one of my favorite accessories


  • on a brand new brown squishy beanbag that I absolutely fell in love with at the store
  • in the sunshinee

Listening to:

  • My newly-crafted Comfort Music playlist on Spotify with all my favorites from around 2009 (that was pop music’s peak year)
  • T-Swizzle’s classics like You Belong With Me, Love Story, and Back to December
  • Rihanna’s unrivaled Umbrella, Disturbia, and Don’t Stop the Music
  • The you-can-never-fail-to-improve-any-mood song, Smile by Uncle Kracker
  • A new discovery and personal favorite (please look beyond the title and band name, its a true turn off): The Backpack Song by Bear Attack!
  • You can never go wrong with The Fray, with classics like You Found Me, Never say Never, Look After You, Hurricane, and How to Save a Life
  • One of the only middle school favorites that is still acceptable to love today: One Republic’s Apologize, Stop and Stare, and All the Right Moves
  • Daughtry’s Over You and Home, an endless nostalgia stream that I am sure will become my college fave starting August
  • Adam Lambert. This guy is just lkfajsdfl;ksad;lfs. I never got over his voice, and songs like Whataya Want from Me, Aftermath, and Better Than I Know Myself are never going to leave my favorites list. The range of styles in his music, the perfect blend of rock, pop, and alternative along with happiness and sadness entice me to click the repeat-only button for hours at a time.

I really can just go on forever about music, but before I bore you (if I haven’t already), I want to get to the amazing book I’m rereading by an absolutely amazing author. By the way, re-reading is a misnomer, because that indicates reading ‘once again’ but in reality, this is at least my fifth or sixth time.

  • Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta.

Melina Marchetta, a New Zealand author, is just mind-blowing with boarding-school-like books and she addresses some of the deepest themes with such passion and ample depth to leave a mark on my mind for hours and days after the initial read.

A book about depression, finding identity in a way very different from the stereotypical adolescent identity crisis, and building a life for oneself. The change in the main character Francesca is almost passive in its gradual seamlessness as is the books progress. The first half is very slow-paced, but there is no one point to say when she makes her lifelong friends, when she falls in love, or when she starts building herself. It all just happens. In the beginning, Francesca is so influenced and shadowed by her mother’s overbearing presence and encouragement that there are really no adjectives to describe the ‘nobody’. You get to a point and say, “oh, Francesca, that confident, sassy, maturing girl. I love when she said ____ or did ___.” But that point is so hard to identify, by the end, it all just falls into place.

I’m definitely not doing justice to this book with my explanation/rant, but I just have to say its one of my absolute favorites.


Anyway, music, comfort clothes, music, and sunshine. It really is the recipe for a perfect, silent, Saturday, one that I’m itching to get back to!